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Make the most of PTC Mathcad - Include worksheet functionality

Posted by Angela Birlea on 06-Jun-2016 10:58:24

MathcadGen.pngInnovative and daring design concepts are the way the world moves forward. But before building the product, you need to make sure that it’s not impractical or patently impossible – and this is where engineering calculations come into play.

There is enough work involved in getting the numbers right, and the last thing you want to do is spending hours on organising worksheets, updating values in every single document you have and copying the same thing over and over again.

PTC Mathcad has a solution for this:

Include worksheets functionality

How it works -

1. Develop your own verified standard worksheets with content that you want to reuse and store them on a network, where users can easily access them.

A few suggestions for what these worksheets could contain:

- Customised unit libraries;

- Physical and mathematical constants;

- User defined functions;

- User defined programs;

- Variable definitions and formulas that you use often;

- Large matrices or tables that you don’t want to display in the current worksheet.

2. Create a new worksheet and include the worksheets that you need.

- If you want all your standard worksheets to be included all the time, you can define that in a template and save even more time

Here’s an example:

Worksheet A has a user-defined function and a custom unit.


Worksheet B uses those definitions without the need to re-define them.

Including worksheet A inside worksheet B makes worksheet B behave as if you had inserted all the maths regions from worksheet A inside of B, at that location.

When using this functionality, Mathcad caches by default the included worksheets, making it very easy to share or to move your worksheets, without worrying about forgetting any of the extra bits. Only necessary calculations are cached, keeping the parent worksheet from becoming too large.

In Mathcad 15 and earlier versions of Mathcad, including one worksheet inside another one is called referencing a worksheet.

It’s very easy and neat - give it a try!


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